Winners of BoxJam's Award!

All these comics are great, and are made by people who work very hard, and for the love of it. All of them
(the comics and the people) are worth your time, and I thank all these artists for doing the comics they do.

Inside Joke
by J.W. Hammerstedt
People, let me tell you 'bout Inside Joke!
Practice Strip
by John Redant
I say without exaggeration that Practice Strip is the very act of learning to smile all over again.
Poet Ink
by David Smith
Those gonzo Poet brothers will sluice your gut with a sword of laughter in PI!
I Have No Friends
by Chris Funriss
A triumph of Hume Cronyn's spirit.
by Petie Shumate and Todd Morris
A gritty look at the real-life workings of a major secret lab...a goat lab.
Project 3: Tesseract
by Albrecht
NT Nation. NT Tribe.
by Kevin Wolf
When it's time to change, you've got to reArrange...
by Joe Nadeau
Finally, daily web comics really are affordable!
The Mr. Chuck Show
by John Myers
Hey everybody - fear the awesome Mr. Chuck Show!
Skinny Panda
by Phil Cho
It's NOT Big Panda, and he's NOT Frank Cho! He hates it when people make that mistake. It's Skinny Panda, and he's Phil Cho. Learn it. Know it. Go read it. Now.
Jamie and Nick
by Jamie (Anderson) and Nick (Lovett)
He's a little bit country; he's a little bit rock n' roll.
by Brendan Adkins
Does anybody else just get euphoric sniffing the ink on a fresh Xorph?
The Makeshift Miracle
by Jim Zubkavich
I wish my coming of age had been drawn and dyed this well.
Just Another Vice
by Roger Sims
We have another winner! The great Just Another Vice!
Pope Alien
by Jerry Davis
These guys wear muumuus too.
by Caleb Sevcik
You're darn tootin'!
RPG Blues
by Peter Delgado Jr.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Victims of the System
by Jeff Greco
Tales from a young absurdist.
by Auntie Dobe R. Mann
This thing's a riot. You gotta check it out.
Fergo and Enrique
by Robert Blake
Look out fer that mouse! He'll getcha!
by Michael Roberts
{tag name_of_comic} is a meta {tag adulatory_slang_noun}!
Todd and Penguin
by Todd David Wright
Todd, Penguin, various lumberjacks, and harlequins must band together in order to save their forefathers' land (PG, 1997, 92 min).
by Mark Mekkes
The lab results came back. Turns out Zortic is really good.
by Smilodon
You can be invisible but the catch is everyone can see you.
Bob Comix
by Wocsid
It's always about Bob, isn't it? Everything's always about Bob.
Psychic Dyslexia Institute
by Scott Maddix and Anthony Port
Make a comic about a street sweeper, but make it so great that when one sees it, one thinks, "Here, then, is the street sweeper to teach us all."
Fight, Cast, or Evade
by Matt Trepal
You think it's gonna be a comic about sport fishing, but then it turns on ya and it's all about a buncha animal renegades. Whammo!
Untitled Again
by Paul Roustan
The most exquisitely drawn stick figure ever. And a whole lot of nice comic around it.
Dokie the Dog
by Tony Ford
Oh, man, a talking DOG!? Well, no, actually.
Comic Asylum
by various
A whole umbrella of British webcomics, all put together for safekeeping.
by damonk13
Framed is like the little beer I never had.
Karva Komix
by Karva
Oh, dear Lord.
Chopping Block
by Lee Herold
A voice in the wilderness for sanctity-of-life challenged Americans.
The Deep End
by Anton Ballard
The Deep End needs this award like
a hole in the head.

Head holes are cool...
by Anton Ballard
Triangle and Robert
by Patrick Shaughnessy
Easy and fun for the whole family!
The uber-web-classic.
Get with the Program
by Gijs Rosengarten
and Jan Niestadt
This is the comic Churchill was talking about when he said that thing about "...Survival only? A dreadful prospect. Here is proof that existence is so much more."
Burnt Dog Radio
by Robb Tanner
"...and Where the Hell Are The Singing Cats? begat Super Jr., and Super Jr. begat Burnt Dog Radio, and Burnt Dog Radio begat...
Soap on a Rope
by Bob Roberds
Congratulations, SOAR!
Joe Average Comics
by Aaron Holm
Way to be, Joe!
Look What I Brought Home
by Scott and Amanda Kuehner
I should make a joke about look what they brought home. Look What They Brought Home! An Award! Ha! Ha!
by Rudi Gunther
Here's to Death!
General Protection Fault
by Jeff Darlington
Check out that rockin' GPF!
by Aric Campling and Lev Babiev
Give it up for Hosers!
by Michael McKay-Fleming
Yet another great 'toon wins the award - Alice!
Absurd Notions
by Kevin Pease
Way to go, Absurd Notions!
by Jon Rosenberg
goats won the award! Now they're heroes and goats!
Sluggy Freelance
by Pete Abrams
Never forget Sluggy Freelance!
by Josh Phillips
Good ol' Avalon, eh?
Hound's Home
by Ryan Duchane
Hound's Home is a killer toon!
College Roomies from Hell!!!
by Maritza Campos
Roomies is hot - 'cause it's from HELL!!!
by Tony Lower-Basch
Check out the wonderful, animated Nosferatu! Yeah!
Wendy, the Online Comic
by Josh Lesnick
Everything's coming up Wendy!
Stoopid Pigeon
by Neveu and Sparks
Check out that phat Stoopid Pigeon!
Unlike Minerva
by Terrence Marks et al.
Show Unlike Minerva the love...
by Aric McKeown
Abbott: ? won the award?
Costello: (stabs Abbott with an ice pick)
by John Allison
Bobbins is the only reason for living!
by Jon Morris
Jeremy would still be a great webtoon even if it had both hands tied behind its back, was blindfolded, and was slowly being lowered into a vat of boiling oil!
It's Gravy!
by Matt Gardner
Let It's Gravy! into your life.
Cyantia Chronicles, nee Satin and Silk
by Syke
I'd rather die than live without CC.
Snail Dust
by Napoleon
Snail Dust gave me a cookie! I love Snail Dust! Go ask Snail Dust for a cookie.
by Thomas K. Dye
Go worship Newshounds now!
by Ken Taylor
Tsuduku... will rock your world! (Quiet, you)
by Aaron Farber
Pentasmal is most sagacious! Like Krazy Kat drawn in WinPaint!
Unnatural, but True!
by Edouard Kock
UBT, hoochie coo! Truck on out and spread the news!
Greystone Inn
by Brad J. Guigar
"The young people say this Greystone Inn is really with it!" - BoxJam's mom
No Outlet
by Adam Greengard
Read No Outlet or I'll jump. and I swear to God I'll do it, too.
Elf Life
by Carson Fire
One day, I hope that all my blood is somehow replaced with Elf Life, because this great comic is what truly sustains me.
by Graeme MacKay
Graeme Mackay is a professional cartoonist! Don't mess with him! Read Gridlock now! It's good!
Innies and Outties
by Leonard Cachola
Yes, it's about belly buttons. No, there's no sex. But the guy can draw, and the kids are funny. Yay!
Percy the Chicken
by Maninder Obhrai
Sort of animated, sort of violent, and lots and lots of chickens kicking rabbits. Cool.
arrogance in simplicity
by Capheine
Read AiS, and I swear you'll laugh until you sweat blood. In the good way.

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