Today's Back Story

Apparently, comic strips are better with a little bit of context.

Today's cartoon saw life when my wife did some laundry, and commented that she was able Yes, two pipes.  I'm that wise. to get a tough stain out of one of the kids' shirts. I got to thinking about laundry commercials, and how the format of 'letter from a customer' still survives among those commercials, even though testimonials, by and large, are a thing of the past.

Then I thought of porn letters.

I really do watch TV like that some nights - slouched in front of it. I don't know if you can tell - it's late at night. I don't know why a Tide commercial would be on late at night, except maybe this one, but grant me some artistic license. Also, speaking of artistic license, did you notice the TV? That's right - no plug! I thought it would just be visually distracting, so I left it out, as I've always done with TV's. Interesting tidbit - BoxJam's TV used to have rabbit ears on top, for easy identification to the reader; however, in the Mallethead series, BoxJam mentioned the cable system. Starting with that strip, all BoxJam's TV's are cable.

Yeah, I know, no cable box, or even coaxial cable, visible. Sue me.

Anyway, I tried to keep the Mallethead story consistent with the BoxJam universe - did you notice that Mallethead didn't appeared in the regular strip since he left for Canada? Now that he's back, he can again (and just in time - he was needed to storm MacBeth's castle yesterday!).

Well, I hope that's enough explanation for you to enjoy today's strip. Now get outta here.

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